Volume 9 Number 1-2, 2007


Theoretical approaches to labour market influence odn the aggregate supply curve (5-24)
Gordana Marjanovic
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Social economy to deal with social exclusion in Poland (25-37)
Anna Karwinska
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Role of university in economics growth through empirical experience in a tranzition country (39-51)
Rasto Ovin
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The state of the reform and the priorities of the economic policy in Serbia (53-72)
Petar Veselinovic
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Trends and changes in global competitiveness (73-88)
Sandra Stojadinovic Jovanovic
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Measurement of industrial supply concentration (89-108)
Milan Kostic
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Creating the loyal customer base (109-127)
Veljko Marinkovic
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Unemployment in the new Europe (129-132)
Maja Milutinovic
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